Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Back to the Grind

Well, this past Sunday I left the nice little state of Ohio and headed back to my life in Georgia. The drive back was much less eventful because I actually followed my GPS this time. :) Since being back in Georgia I have been spending my time getting back into the swing of work and school. And I haven't written yet because I haven't done anything particularly calamitous since returning. However, while I was gone, my cat Jack, had a field day with the house. When I got home on Sunday there were no less than 4 broken glasses on the kitchen floor. You may ask how in the world that happened but it's because Jack enjoys playing in the kitchen cabinets. I keep him out of there as much as possible but the doors don't latch properly and he's a very sneaky little cat.

Also since I've been home I've eaten little else than pasta with butter. I found while in Ohio that I didn't mind cooking so much, but it's really hard to motivate myself to cook a whole meal for just me. However, I could really go for a Pizza Quiche thing right about now. Maybe I'll whip one up this weekend, and try not to spill it on the floor this time. :)

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