Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Pizza Quiche Thing

As promised, I attempted to cook a real meal on my own on Tuesday. I copped out a little by deciding to make this pizza quiche thing (Pepperoni Pizza Pie) so all I had to do was mix ingredients and put them in the oven. So around noon I joined the rest of the housewives of Dayton at Kroger to get all my ingredients. Now, I had also decided to surprise Manny by making some guacamole dip. The day before we had gone to Kroger to buy stuff to make fajitas and could not find guacamole dip anywhere. Seriously? Anyway, so finally, ingredients in hand I headed back to the house.
Since I have little else to do this week than pretend to be a housewife, I decided to go ahead and make the guacamole dip and make the inside of the quiche and I’d just stick it in the fridge until he got home. Surprisingly, as I am generally a disaster in the kitchen, this all went very well. I peeled the avocado without gouging it too badly and mixed all this stuff for the quiche. My only faux pas here was misunderstanding the use of the word “blend” in the instructions for the guacamole and I tried to use an actual blender. Well thank the Lord I had the lid on the thing or there would have been avocado on the ceiling. I finally got it sorted out and put my guacamole dip and quiche in the refrigerator and went to watch a movie.
When he got home we ran all over the place looking at fish stuff and bicycle stuff (he has lots of hobbies :) ) and when we finally got home we were starved but still had to wait 45 minutes for my quiche thing to cook. So while he’s putting his new gadgets on his bike, I went to the kitchen to put together dinner. I had stored the quiche inside this awesome glass mixing bowl that has a lid on it, perfect right? However, the lid fits really snugly. Well, I finally get the damn thing off and spill about 1/3 of the contents on the floor/wall/cabinets/myself in the process. Sigh. Well, we went ahead and made the thing as planned with the remaining quiche contents and it actually turned out great. It’s a good thing it did because before that I was refusing to ever cook again. :)

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