Monday, March 29, 2010

A Random Assortment

So, this post is more a random assortment (hence, the title) than one of my more deliberate posts.

This past weekend, I made a very quick trip home to see my family. Now, I know most people hate airports but I love them just for the sheer people watching value. The strangest thing I saw on this particular trip was a girl (in her early 20s) wearing a hat that strongly resembled a stuffed bear. Really? However, this trip to the airport also made me wonder about some here's a list of things in life I don't understand...

1. Spandex jeans. I feel like these pants should pick a lane, jeans or spandex, not both.

2. People who insist on resisting TSA regulations. You've had to take your shoes off to go through the security line for about 9 years now, just do it.

3. Wearing pajamas to get on a plane (or in other public places). I'm all in favor of being comfortable, but you are in public.

Well, that's about it. I kept thinking while I was there that I should write all these things down lest I should forget. However, I didn't write everything down and I did forget. Oh well.

So now to close, I will leave you will a funny athlete quote/conversation that I had last week. Bear in mind that this is a 280+ pound offensive lineman...
Athlete: Christine, I think I have anemia.
Me: What? Why do you think that?
Athlete: Because I threw up earlier and I think I liked it.
Me: That's bulemia...go outside.


  1. spandex jeans=no ma'am.
    <3 ambie

  2. here's one for ya T...
    Sarah: "Achala, how do you spell alcohol?"
    Achala: "A-L-C-O-H-O-L"
    Sarah: "That can't be it. It doesn't look right"
    Achala: "Really Sarah, 'It doesn't look right' says the dyslexic!!"
    And yes i did have word open for spell check while i was typing this.