Friday, April 30, 2010

Blog Makeover

Ok, so I'm going through a little bit of a blog identity crisis. Not with the content, I pretty much accepted when I started that this blog was not going to be about any one thing in particular. (I have much too short an attention span for that.) Anyway, I'm going through a aesthetic blog identity crisis. I decided recently that I didn't love the way the blog looks right now and have been searching for something different. I was considering something simple or something chic or something summery...but I can't decide! And I don't want to waste anymore time not posting because I haven't yet changed the background.

So, for the next couple weeks or so (hopefully not that long!) the blog may be changing its face a lot as I try to settle on a style I'd like to keep. Please feel free to comment on the new looks and let me know how you like it/them!

1 comment:

  1. Thumbs down on the green with the pink boarder...not feeling it really. It's too something but idk what.