Monday, April 26, 2010

In other news...

In my very first blog post, I wrote about Athletic Training. I wrote about the need for exposure and education about my profession. Well, some students at James Madison University recently took that to a whole new level. In their video, Athletic Trainer: Smooth Professional, they sing and dance to Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" with lyrics and performances that educate and promote the profession of athletic training. This video was sent to me by a friend and I have emailed it to every athletic trainer I know! I think it's a really fun and effective way to get the word out about our profession. So kudos to you, JMU athletic training students!

Now to another athletic training related topic. I stumbled upon some pictures on Facebook detailing the First Annual University of Alabama Athletic Training Olympics. I haven't actually talked with anyone from my alma mater but from the pictures it appears that at the very least there was an injury management relay, dizzy foam roller race, and a water bottle relay. Maybe next year they'll have an alumni division?! Please?!

In other news, I am moving in less than three weeks! Eek! I feel like there's so much to get done, but as long as I work on it day by day, everything seems to be falling into place nicely. I've even managed to sell off most of my furniture thanks to a couple of desperate Facebook statuses that read something to the effect of "I'm moving and NEED to sell my furniture!". That was the general jist anyway. Now I just have to finish the semester, pack up the stuff I want, and garage sale the stuff I don't want. So yeah, I still have a lot to do, but I'm ready to move so bring it on!

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  1. If i can pack all my stuff in a week and make the cross crountry drive from Seattle to Pensacola you can make this trip. I'm sure you're lil car can fit what's left of your stuff or at least most of it hehehe