Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sell Sell Sell!!!

Gah! I'm very frustrated with myself that it has taken me another whole week to get a blog post again. Sigh. Here and now I am going to try and do a minimum of two per week.

So, as most people in my life now know...I am making a big life change, one which I am very excited and happy about. However, with that comes one little problem...moving! This will be my 3rd move in as many you'd think I'd be an expert at it by now right? Riiiiight. Not so much. I definitely learn a little something each time and something that I've learned is to move with as little excess crap as possible. I literally threw out four trashbags worth of stuff that I had insisted on brining here from Maryland. Ugh. So, I'm separating all my stuff into three categories: trash, sell, keep. I'm hoping that this time I can really cut down on the excess of crap in my life. It's amazing the kind of stuff we keep and then look back a year and say "Really? I needed these 7 binders worth of crap from undergrad???" Again, sigh.

So after the separating comes the issue of a garage sale. I'm planning on just having your plain old run of the mill yard sale, but someone suggested to me today to go the local flea market, rent a table for $5, and get it done that way. I would certainly be available to a lot more people that way and am going to consider that option. And let's face it, I have junk to get rid of and people at flea markets love junk. Maybe my trash will be someone else's treasure. :)

Any ideas on the best way to get rid of my stuff? Especially the furniture!?

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  1. GO with the flea market idea. Unless you advertise your yard sell in the paper or online it's hard to say if people will come or not.