Saturday, April 24, 2010

Softball Soup

Today I went out to Commerce, GA to play in a Relay for Life softball tournament with a girl I work with. I was really excited to have something new and different to do with my Saturday. But, when I woke up this morning it was pouring outside. I gave her a call and she said the tournament was on rain or shine. So I drove the 35 minutes out to Commerce ready for a day of rainy softball. Well, ready is a relative term as I didn't actually bring a rain jacket or hat or change of clothes. Oops. Ok, so I guess I wasn't all that ready for the rain after all.

Our first game started at 10:15 and the field was super sloppy but at least it wasn't actively raining. We played about the first half of the game like that and then...the rain came. By the time the game ended (which we won!) it was practically a monsoon. We had opened up a little tent and were all standing under it when one of the tournament directors came and told us our next game was immediately. Really? Ok, let me just go get my canoe and I'll be right over. It kept pouring and the field just kept getting worse and worse so we finally told them we were pulling out of the tournament. We didn't mind getting messy but it was just getting unsafe. So we called it a day and went and had some mexican food. :) It was pretty fun and I wish the weather hadn't been so crappy but at least we got in one game!

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  1. There was a student vs. instructor softball game in my squad on friday. I'm really glad i didn't play b/c it was seriously humid out here...i think you got it worse though hehehe.