Saturday, April 17, 2010

to market, to market...

So today I went to check out the flea market that I'm considering using instead of a traditional garage was awesome! I forget sometimes how much I enjoy quirky, local things like flea markets. This flea market is HUGE, and I don't for a minute doubt it's claims that it's the biggest in Georgia. I only checked out the outdoor portion as that's the area I would be using. It was rows and rows of wonderfully crappy stuff. I even saw a guy selling a goat! Yes, a real, live farm animal. I also saw the most adorable German Shepherd puppies for sale...sigh. Anyway, I went wondering if there was any method to the madness and whether I should try and set up in a certain area when I take my stuff over there, and I answered my question with a firm no. I am going to try and get a table more near the center of the action for more exposure but other than that no worries. I'm nearly certain that this adventure will turn out well because if there's anywhere people go to get crap they don't need for's a flea market. And I have plenty of crap for the selling.

Well, now its time to resume cleaning, packing, and gathering stuff for my flea market debut.

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  1. Us gypsy types have gotta keep the load light huh? I'm already thinking of all the stuff i'll probably get rid of when i move to JAX