Sunday, May 9, 2010

It Had to Happen Eventually

Here we go again. Calamity, near disaster. I attract it like shit on velcro, it's a gift. On Saturday I slept in, did some packing, then went and helped out at a track meet. After the track meet, I headed home to keep packing and to wait for someone to come pick up the dresser they were supposed to buy. They never showed. :( Oh well. So I just kept on working. Around 8 I decided I was hungry but didn't feel like going out or spending the money to eat out. So as I'm packing and cleaning in the kitchen I throw some water on to boil for mac and cheese, fancy I know. I went back to my room and got distracted for a minute. Oops. As I'm walking back to the kitchen I think I smell something cooking. Weird, I hadn't put anything in the pot yet. No wait, that smell is something burning! I quickly realized that it was coming from a baking pan I had left of the stove that also had two plates and a wood/plastic spatula in it. Guess who turned on the wrong burner and nearly set the kitchen on fire? Yep. Me. It's ok though, I rescued it and turned off the burner before any actual flames started. Here's a picture of the damage. Pretty minimal considering what could have been.

So there you have it, my latest mishap. All I have to do is keep the flames to a minimum for one more week. :)

Speaking of, here's a countdown update...

My Birthday!: tomorrow!

Mama coming to Athens: 5 days

Leaving Athens: 7 days

Trip to Ohio: 11 days

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  1. YIKES!!! I do the wrong burner thing all the time. The knobs on the top just don't match up in my brain to the location of the burner. Anyway, i'm heading to VA tomorrow!!! Soooo excited!!!