Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's Almost Time

Tomorrow is my last day of work. On Sunday Mom and I will be driving South with a truck and car loaded up with all my crap. Although, much less crap than I had before! :) Sometimes I feel bad saying this, but I'm very excited. I can't wait to start this next phase in my life. There are people and things I will miss about Athens but I'm so happy I made this decision. Ok, enough with the mushy stuff. ;)

This Saturday Mom and I will brave the flea market I once told you about. But this time I will not be a spectator. This time, I will be a part of the circus. I don't have any goats to sell but hopefully I have some other crap that is another man's treasure. Stay tuned for details. Oh, and before I forget...

Countdown Update:

My Birthday: done son, I'm 24 :)

Mama coming to Athens: tomorrow!!

Leaving Athens: 3 days

Trip to Ohio: 7 days

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