Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Weekend

So, I meant to be a lot more productive that I actually was this weekend. Well, let's rephrase. I intended to get a lot more done on the packing side of things.

On Saturday I did, however, pack up my shoes, cosmetics, undergarments, and swimsuits. Now, you may be asking yourself why I am "packing" these things when I'm not moving for 2 weeks. For some of my more frequently used items, I'm going ahead and putting them in suitcases and such so that when it's time to go, I just zip up the bags and throw those things in the car. Also, I sold my large dresser! Now that I've sold the majority of my furniture, I'm donating the rest to a local long-term D&A rehab house. Also yesterday, I bought a dress for a fancy pants dinner Manny and I are going to in May. I really didn't have to buy a dress right away, as it's 3 weeks away and I still have to move and everything but I am so excited to get all dressed up I just couldn't help myself! it is.

Today I did some laundry, then went for a run, and the went to the end of the year sports medicine banquet. A pretty decent Sunday. :) However, running at 2pm on a sunny day in May in Georgia was not one of my brighter ideas. I looked like a beet when I got home. And not from sun exposure! When I get overheated my face gets really red. No seriously, it's actually kind of embarrassing. People look at me like they expect me to collapse at any moment. Oh well.

And all the while, in the midst of my slaving away at laundry and packing and dress buying...this is what Jack was doing...

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  1. He was so exhausted from 9 months of destroying your blinds, he really needed a nap. Ps: love your dress!