Thursday, May 6, 2010


That was my sigh of relief in case you couldn't tell. For better or worse I'm finished with this semester's exams. Now all I have to do is finish packing, instill as much knowledge as possible on my replacement within one week, and hit the road. There's still a lot of packing to be done but thankfully my furniture is quickly disappearing...and almost all of it in exchange for mula! I've packed most of my clothes, my DVDs, purses, shoes, and other various items. One room I have done virtually no work on is the kitchen! It's not that I do a whole lot in there, I'm not a very skilled cook and my meals are pretty minimalist, but for some reason I've been avoiding it. But that needs to change right now because I'm planning on giving away some kitchen stuff tomorrow.

In the spirit of motivation, I took a packing progress picture Tuesday and then again today...I thought there was a big difference. Well, there has been improvement but not much...this is like one of those games "can you tell what's different"...haha. Well, anyway, here are the pictures.

Can't tell the difference? It's ok, I had to look pretty hard. Stay tuned for more...I promise it will get more organized soon. It better, I'm moving in 10 days. Which reminds me...countdown update...

My birthday!: 4 days

Mama coming to Athens: 8 days

Leaving Athens: 10 days

Trip to Ohio: 14 days.


  1. One plus side to the Navy, they will come into your home and pack then move everything. You don't have to lift a finger. It's great b/c i, like you, hate packing.

  2. damn you and your Navy. hehe. j/k of course. :) it's actually been good (albeit a pain in the ass) to get rid of the clutter. -C