Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Job Interviews!

I'm very excited to report that I have, not one, but two job interviews next week! :) They are both for high school outreach positions and I'll be interviewing Monday and Tuesday of next week. Good thing I already had a trip to Ohio planned. There was almost a bit of calamity yesterday as I had an impromptu phone interview as I was flying down the interstate. But I think that just shows my fantastic multi-tasking abilities. ;)

I have not interviewed for anything in...well, a long time. And for the last interview I did, we were given the questions beforehand. Not so much with big girl interviews. :) So any advice would be much appreciated. :)

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  1. The "tell me about yourself" and "what are your strengths and weaknesses?" questions are always the toughest for me. I made a list of potential questions and answers and then a list of points I wanted to get across during the interview and kept it with me and read it over and over until the interview started. This is a good site for classic questions: