Sunday, July 11, 2010

Another Unintentional Hiatus!!!

Crap! It's been forever, and there has definitely been some stuff going on. Here's the rundown....I have a job and am moving to Ohio in t-minus 4 days! I took an impromptu trip up to Ohio a couple weeks ago, managed to schedule a couple job interviews while I was there, and now here I am, moving up two weeks early! I could not be more thrilled.  :)

Since I have such a small amount of stuff to move, I'm going to stuff as much junk in my car as I can and ship the rest UPS. Sounds weird? It's actually surprisingly cheap! I checked out a couple moving companies (who shall remain nameless!) who teased me with online quotes as low at $250. And then when I spoke to an actual person, they said they'd be happy to do it for $, no thanks! And just so you know, I'm not shipping more than 15 small UHaul boxes. And the people who quoted me $1100 said they would show up with a truck that I had to load, they would drive it to Ohio, and then I had to be around to unload it. Um, UPS drops it at your door thank you very much. Sigh. So, UPS it is!

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