Thursday, July 22, 2010

Moving Across the Country When You Have No $$$

Ok, maybe I'm being a little dramatic. I have some money. But even some money seems like very little when you are facing the prospect of a cross country move and don't have an income. (That's soon to job starts Monday!) I spent most of the summer fretting about how to get all of my belongings from Louisiana to Ohio. The single best thing I did was to sell all of my furniture before moving to Ohio. Manny already had a house full of furniture, and none of mine was any nicer so off it went to new homes (for a price of course). The other good move I made was selling a bunch of excess junk at a local flea market before I left Georgia. So there, before I even moved my stuff to Louisiana, I was rid of excess. However, it took my mother's Nissan Titan and my Corolla to bring the stuff that I still had. So I began to get nervous as I did not want to rent an expensive U-Haul truck that would not even come close to being filled by my stuff. I think U-Haul is a great idea if you are going to fill the truck because at that point it's worth the money. However, what I did was pack as much stuff as possible in my Corolla and then planned to ship whatever was left via UPS. It seems silly but with the small amount of stuff I had, it was by far the most cost effective option. Oh, and I did send $60 (insurance included) worth of book via post office media mail the week before I left. One box is still in transit so cross your fingers that it gets here.

However, there's one small thing to remember. The physical act of moving from place to place is not the only part that sucks money. I actually only spent about $120 on food and gas on the drive. But then there's trying to get comfortable in your new place. I thought that since I was moving in with my boyfriend and the house was already pretty set up, I would have to worry about those usual "new house" expenses. But I've already spent $60 on stuff to organize my closet. Apparently there's no way to get out totally scot free. :) All in all though, I think I did a pretty good job of packing my car for all it was worth.  ...if I do say so myself. :)

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