Saturday, August 28, 2010


So...I've obviously been a little busy lately. The new job is great, Ohio is great, and in October I'm going to the World Equestrian Games (like the Olympics of equestrian sports) which is being held in Lexington, KY. However, I find myself falling into the same old rut. Work, work, work.

Even though I'm working a lot less than in my previous jobs, I still find myself focusing on nothing but work. I do have one hobby, horseback riding...but if that were to occupy ALL my time it would get mighty expensive. What I need is something to do around the house, something I can while away a Saturday afternoon with...I'm coming up with nothing. Sure, I like movies and reading as much as the next girl but I'm looking for something a little new and a little different. Any ideas?


  1. You could start sewing again. You have made some great stuff in the past...pillows, costumes, etc.

    Or try knitting (you're going to need something to keep you warm through the awful, cold Ohio winter) or some type of needlework. Lydia (my old roommate) used to cross stitch and she made some nice gifts, Christmas ornaments, and wall decorations.

    Or get crafty and start making Christmas presents early!

  2. Ok so here's a few lil thoughts based on what my roommates and i do. Achala cross stitches. She's working on a really great pattern w/ a balletrina. Christy knits. Looks super complcated but once you get the hang of it she says is pretty easy. I crochet. I love it! You can work on small projects (pot holder, drink coasters, scarfs, etc) in a day to a weekend. You can get fancy w/ bigger projects if you want to burn a week/month/whatever. And all three ideas pack easily in a bag for travel.