Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cross Stitch Update: a lot of stuff

So, I've been busily stitching lately but haven't managed to take any pictures since I finished an ornament for my brother. Since then I've started and finished a bookmark (I won't say for whom as it's a Christmas present)...

and "finished" two ornaments...

I've also begun work on another brother's ornament...

Once I'm done with this (I'm a little sick of stockings), I think I may make some sort of cute Christmas-y wall hanging. Whatever it is, it's going to be a Christmas present, so it'll be cute. :) And I'll try to stay a little more up to date on the updates. ;)


  1. i thought about that. one of those really intricate ones, but i'm pretty sure it would take me months so maybe next year... :)

  2. My mom did our stockings back in the 80s. They weren't anything fancy and the only cross stitched part was the top. I actually think she found them pre-made and then did the stitching, but I bet you could sew them yourself.

  3. E,
    You're putting a lot of stock in my creative prowess. haha. but you're right, they do have some patterns out there and i'm sure they're not all that hard.