Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Get Excited!

I love saving money. Right now since I'm young and without any kids, I love thinking of all the fun stuff I could buy if I hadn't spent $120 on fast food and Starbucks a couple months ago. Yes, seriously, that much. I got a little nauseous when I added it up. Just frivolous crap I really could have done without. Now I would by no means consider all of my spending frivolous, but some of it could really do with being redirected. I love thinking of all the stuff I could save up for like Christmas gifts, a present for Manny's birthday, a really cute pair of boots I've been eyeing for months, and whatever else I feel like saving up for. I digress.

Anther thing I really love is finding great sales! Especially on stuff I need to buy anyway. Ever gone to Kroger on your weekly grocery run only to find out your favorite deli cheese is $3/pound less than normal!?! Bliss! Or, finding out that the shirt you bought your brother for Christmas is $10 cheaper than you originally thought! Ah, happiness!

The point I'm trying to make here is that getting excited about saving money makes it way easier to do it. Whether you do that with color-coded spread sheet, loading tons of coupons to your KrogerPlus card, or just scouting around for great sales, get excited!

(Speaking of KrogerPlus...I finished up my Thanksgiving shopping yesterday and saved $29 using my KrogerPlus card and coupons I had printed! And I only spent about $60 total so it's like everything was 33% off, so exciting!)

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