Friday, November 19, 2010

Errors in Budgeting and a New Frontier

I made two silly money mistakes this week that have cost me $35. :( Actually, when I look at it like that it doesn't seem so bad...I guess. It's just very frustrating knowing that had I not made those two errors in judgement, I would have that $35 to do whatever I want with. Grrr. However, in the grand scheme of things, it's only $35 and life will go on.

In other news, something called was recommended to me by a friend yesterday. I've done some researching and would like to try it, but am frankly a little overwhelmed. is an online money management program. It's free (and according to the website, committed to staying free) and has all sorts of bells and whistles for managing your money. For a person who has one checking account, one savings account, and no credit cards, this is a little overwhelming. I keep thinking, do I really need all this to manage my money? But, as I'm getting older, I'm realizing I need to do things like build my credit and plan for retirement. I'll say it again, overwhelming. But I think my mid-twenties is a perfectly good time to start learning about all this. Better than waiting until my mid-thirties. ;) So, I think I'm going to give it a try. I'm nervous, but right now I manage my money from three different places: a random app on my iPhone that I am only marginally satisfied with, an Excel spreadsheet of my own making, and my bank's website. So if I could condense these all to one website with a matching iPhone app....yay? I think I need to pull the trigger and just do it. Even as I'm writing this I'm getting anxious about setting it up. So off I go, into the wild green yonder.

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