Monday, November 15, 2010

Money Monday

I would like to begin by telling you that I've given my Christmas budget the finger. I realized this weekend (with some help from my wonderful boyfriend) that since I'm an adult, I have no children, I have a full time job, and live in a two income household (really three because we have a roommate)...I can stop being such a cheap ass about Christmas. Seriously, in this wonderful season of giving I'm going to act like I'm still a broke college student? Negative. So I have changed my Christmas budgeting tune. Don't worry Dad, I'm not going to spend my life savings on one Christmas, but I can loosen the purse strings a bit. 

Ok, now that I've gotten that off my chest, let's check in with the budget. As promised, I will tell you that the only things that managed to stay in budget from last week were gas and groceries, I'll leave it at that. But here's how this bi-weekly budget is going (mind you, it's only 3 days old).

Car Insurance: right on (that's a gimme)
Gasoline: under
Grocery: haven't even touched it yet!
Eating Out: over (I'm thinking I may need to re-evaluate the reality of this budget
Fun Money: under
Miscellaneous: under, but it's going to be hard to stay that way
Christmas: over (is anyone surprised? I am a Stanley after all)

The way that I budgeted for Christmas is that I basically split my Christmas budget up over the next 3 paychecks. So if I'm a little over, I'm just going to take it out of savings and repay my savings with the next paycheck. And honestly, I'd rather spend some extra money on Christmas presents than act like Scrooge. Who cares if my savings take a small hit during Christmas? That's what January is for. :)


  1. If you are concerned about your eating out budget, maybe you should consider packing your lunch/eating lunch at home, and cooking one-two more times at per week. It doesn't have to be fancy, even packaged meals like hamburger helper or those skillet meals where you add chicken are cheaper than eating out.

  2. Very true. I've definitely tried limiting those things, but I still seem to have issues. I very rarely eat out during the week anymore, and more often than not I pack my lunch/eat at home. But a continued effort always helps. :)

  3. So, Santa, I'd like a PS3 and a 42" Sony Bravia flat screen... No? Aw alright. How 'bout just a monkey blanket?

  4. Todd: bahahaha. I should send you that monkey blanket! That would show you! ;)