Saturday, November 27, 2010

Our "First" Thanksgiving

This post is a couple days late but I've been a little under the weather...

So first, let's give you a quick rundown of my last few Thanksgivings...
2005: home for 36 hours
2006: home (i think)
2007: Cracker Barrel after Football practice
2008: in Maryland with friends (the time of literally injecting the turkey)
2009: IHOP after football practice (Manny was overseas)

In the last couple years, I've barely even noticed that the holiday season was upon me until all the sudden it was Thanksgiving Day and I was sitting in an IHOP with the other football grad assistant after we had taken naps and recovered from that morning's football practice, not to mention Manny was overseas so he didn't have Thanksgiving either. So this year I really wanted to have a "traditional" Thanksgiving even though we weren't going home to see our families. I was determined to have turkey and pie and spend the day with friends and nowhere near an IHOP. So we made it happen. We teamed up with another couple, invited some friends, and had more food than we could have possibly eaten. It was really awesome. I got a little stressed out near the end because while all the planning was really fun, when it came time to actually cook all that food I got nervous...just for a minute. :) But the day turned out great. We had great food with great friends and ate ourselves sick. A perfectly traditional Thanksgiving. :) I'm very thankful for having the time and energy to really enjoy the holidays this year. :) So even though it isn't the first Thanksgiving since we've been together, it's the first that we'll actually get to spend together.

And now here are some pictures from our "first" Thanksgiving...
Manny's Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie
My homemade Apple Pie (I must confess, Manny did the lattice)
Baked Mac and Cheese
me stirring some soon-to-be Mashed Potatoes

Manny enjoying a much deserved beer

So somehow, in the midst of all this cooking and festivities....we forgot to take a picture of the turkey. :( I'll just go ahead and say it was damn good. I know I'm biased and everything but it really was awesome.  There were also way more sides and way more desserts than the pictures show. Maybe I'll get an album up at some point. But I think our "first" Thanksgiving was quite a success.

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