Thursday, November 18, 2010

Our First Turkey

This Thanksgiving we're cooking our first turkey. Correction, Manny is cooking our first turkey while I hand him things and make sides/desserts. We have a lovely 15 pound turkey sitting in the freezer just waiting for our friends to drool over. But neither of us have ever cooked a turkey. (Ok, well I assisted one other time but it was with another athletic trainer and when the instructions called for us to "inject" the turkey with its own juices, we did it the only way we knew how. With a 400cc syringe and a 14 gauge needle. It worked great, but I'm not sure that's what they meant.) Anyway, Manny being the smarty pants that he is, researched how to cook a turkey. He found this really yummy recipe by Alton Brown so as long as we do it right we should be ok. Manny is admittedly nervous about cooking the turkey, since the turkey is, after all, the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving meal. I would be too, that's why he's doing it and not me. ;) I'm sure the turkey will be great and we have about a billion sides to go with it. :) And 3 pies. We don't mess around with food in this house.

As for how we're celebrating, it's not the most traditional, we're not headed home to spend it with our family. But among military friends/family, our plan is probably pretty normal. I teamed up with another girl and we're cooking for our friends who can't/aren't going home this Thanksgiving. As I spent last Thanksgiving in an IHOP (more on that another day), I'm really very excited about having a traditional meal with good friends.

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