Saturday, November 6, 2010

Photographic Fun

So, recently I've decided to take up another hobby...taking pictures. Why don't I call it photography? Because at the moment what I do is not photography, it's taking pictures. :) But it's lots of fun all the same. I decided the other day that since we have this wonderful camera sitting around, and since I've always enjoyed taking pictures...why not take it up a notch? Well, on Thursday I took Louis to the dog park, and caught this adorable moment on camera...

Cute, right? 

Then last night Manny gave me a quick lesson on things like focal length and shutter speed. I'm still not sure I 100% understand the focal length thing but I'm getting there. Then we had a quick photo editing tutorial. We have Aperture which I think is super awesome...and though I really have no idea what else is out there, but I sure had fun with it. :) The photo of Louis (above) is not edited (well, it's cropped but that doesn't really count). But I went out and played around with the camera today and then came in and played with the editing software...and here's what I came up with.

For some reason I just loved the pumpkin picture. Maybe it's because I'm really excited about fall and the holiday season coming up. But anyway, now here's the edited version...

Fun, right?! The look a little psychedelically orange but I like it. We have a camera book around somewhere which I will be reading shortly. I've aways liked taking pictures and would get really excited when one turned out great. Now that I have the equipment handy, I'm learning how to make sure pictures turn out great...or at least better than before. 

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