Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Etiquette Series: Part II

I have some opinions on etiquette, I know you're shocked. :) And the other day, a friend and I were talking about the many social faux pas that people our age (twenty-somethings) tend to make, so I thought it may be a good idea to do a little series on etiquette, especially with the holidays right around the corner. You may disagree with some of what I say, and that's just fine. These are just my personal opinions, and I am well aware that there are exceptions to every rule. :)

If you missed Part I, check it out!

Part II - Being a Good Party Guest

1. Be "on time." Getting there 10 minutes late so you're not the first awkward party guest is one thing, getting there 3 hours late because you just had to have your stylist professionally straighten your hair is rude.

2. Don't go empty handed. If it's a pot luck dinner, bring food. If you're doing White Elephant or Dirty Santa gifts, bring a present. Don't be the only ding dong walking in empty handed when everyone else has contributed their share.

3. Don't get hammered. There are very few situations where this is acceptable, your mother-in-law's hoity toity Christmas tea party is not one of those situations.

4. Have fun! Who cares if you've had a crappy day at work or a fight with your boyfriend. It's a party and all the other guests do not want to hear your woe-is-me tales during an otherwise upbeat holiday party.

5. Don't bring uninvited guests. This doesn't really need explanation, just don't do it.

6. Dress appropriately. If it's an office party, I might advise against your sequined mini-dress. Though that might be totally appropriate for your best friend's party. Just make sure you know what the attire should be before you go.

7. Bring a small gift for the host/hostess. I'm talking super small, like a candle or something else thoughtful. Just a little something that says thanks for inviting me. 

Stay tuned for more in the Sunday Etiquette Series. Next Week: People Skills

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