Saturday, November 13, 2010

Things I Saw at the Gym Yesterday

So we went to the gym on base today. You'd expect there to be a somewhat normal crowd there, lots of guys with crew cuts and stuff. But, guess what, the base gym is just as filled with weirdos as the next. Ok, well maybe not quite, but here are some interesting sights I saw.

1. Guy with a comb-over so severe I could not figure out which side it came from. (I was trying not to stare too hard.)

2. A very small, very blonde, very tan woman, complete with gold watch and finger-less weight lifting gloves doing some serious leg presses with perfectly coiffed hair.

3. A super-jacked 40-ish dude wearing a racer-back muscle shirt (did anyone else know they actually made those for guys?).

4. Personal trainer and trainee both with perfect hair, make-up, earrings, and perfectly put together gym outfits. (Maybe I should take the hint?)

5. Guy next to us while we were stretching doing very loud, apparently very strenuous, push-ups. And I say very strenuous because he grunted very loudly with every push-up. Seriously? Is that necessary?

So there you have it, my strange gym creature sightings. I just wish I had pictures. I hope they brought at least a little amusement into your day. They certainly did to mine. :)

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