Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Day in the Life...

I've been asked many times in the past..."so, uh, what exactly do you do all day?" I understand that most people don't understand exactly what an athletic trainer does and honestly, depending on your setting/time of year/etc, everyone's day looks a little different. My days even vary depending on what day of the week it is. For example, on Monday and Wednesday mornings, I work in a physical therapy clinic for half the day until I head out to the high school, but Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday I have the mornings off (which is blissful by the way). Anyway, this past Monday was pretty typical so I thought I'd give a little insight into what this fairly typical Monday looked like for me...

7:00am - hear Manny's alarm clock and grumble something about where he can find his socks
7:15am - roll out of bed and try to figure out which way is up, grumble something about where Manny can find his tie
7:30am - search for Manny's hat and send him off to work
7:35am - something smells horrid in the kitchen, rinse out some dirty dishes to try and get rid of the smell
7:40am - oh shit, i'm starving, greasy, and so not ready for work; it's cool, i still have an hour
8:00am - i should probably get my sorry butt in the shower now
8:20am - i should probably get out of this really warm shower now
8:25am - shit, i still have to iron my shirt...and my pants...and put on makeup...and fix my hair; screw my hair, into a bun it goes
8:35am - ok, 10 minutes...
8:40am - how am i not downstairs yet?!, i need coffee before i leave
8:45am - come on coffee maker, faster!
8:55am - only 10 minutes late!...F-word! i need gas
8:58am - F-word twice...i forgot to put on deoderant; good thing i need gas anyway
9:28am - totally made it to work on time, win!
9:40am - email from a coach, needing the impossible
11:46am - provide something very close to the impossible which manages to keep coach happy, win!
12noon - lunch! no, wait, musical office time
12:20pm - get commandeered by my boss to have a 15 minute discussion, eek, i need lunch!
12:40pm - i hope i can wolf down this mcdonalds and get back to the clinic in time for my 1 o'clock patient
12:58pm - pager beeps, great, chew chew chew. ok, done. 
2:00pm - leave clinic, breathe for 5 minutes on my way to the high school
3:00pm - re-eval weekend injuries, chat with coaches (
3:10pm - run up to field house to check on other sports, chat with coaches (see all this rapport i'm building?! do ya?!)
3:45pm - come back to gym, get phone call, oops, they need me at the field house, it's not like i was just there or anything
3:48pm - go back to field house, oops, my scissors are in the gym
3:50pm - arrive panting to field house; perform athletic training magic with tape
4:00pm - take a breather, browse Kroger ads on computer
4:01pm - email boss
4:05pm - write two home exercise programs for injured kids
4:10pm - do paperwork (injury reports and updates and more oh my!)
5:00pm - check and recheck this week's calendar to make sure i haven't missed anything
6:00pm - really? i can't go home yet
7:00pm - what's that?!! practice ending 30 minutes early!?! win!

A pretty typical day. Just like anyone else (especially if you work in health care or any other service profession) my days are spent trying to avoid crises, divide and conquer the crises that do arise, and generally trying to keep everything and everyone in order until quittin' time. I love my job. :)

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