Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cross Stitch Progress: Joy Ornament

Ok, so I've finished stitching the "Joy" ornament. And it looks really cute if I do say so myself. I've haven't yet had the time (or the patience) to finish it but at least all the stitching is done.

This pattern came from a book called Ornaments Galore: Volume Two and has been adapted slightly from the pattern in the book. The letters are actually stitched with a white satin floss rather than the regular cotton. More to come on stitching with satin later, as it is a huge pain in the ass.

Wreath update: You may remember that I week or so ago I posted a picture of the wreath ornament I was making. Well it kind of went downhill from there. I had already messed up a little during the stitching, then I decided it would be a good idea to sew a little pillow-like thing to put it on. Not one of my better ideas. So I (with some help with Manny, as he is admittedly the more creative of the two of us) have decided on a different way to finish the Christmas ornaments. More to come soon!

When you fall off the horse... have to get right back up there. During my horseback riding lesson this past Wednesday, I got to put this into practice in a literal sense. The horse I was riding (Pete, who is very sweet but also has a tendency to panic), refused a jump but then panicked when I fell forward onto his neck and disappeared out from under me. Oops. This isn't really all that big of a deal but I haven't fallen off in quite some time. And guess what, it hurts more than it did when I was sixteen. But anyway, after getting over the initial shock that I was in fact lying on the ground, I got up, dusted myself off, and climbed back in the saddle. Then I experienced something that I don't ever remember feeling while on horseback. I was nervous. Weird, right? It only lasted about 10 seconds but I remember thinking that it was a good thing I got right back on otherwise the fear and nervousness would have just built up over time.

So as I was thinking about this on the way home, I realized that this concept should be applied to lots of things in life. When you feel like you "fall off the horse", you just have to get back up there, no matter what. If something crappy happens at work, just go back in the next day and do it better. I feel like when we let things get to us and just dwell and dwell, it just gets so much worse.

So, that's my philosophical two cents for the day. Oh, and on a funny note, I did make this really horrible grunting sound when I hit the ground, I don't ever remember doing that either.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Christmas Ornament Update

As promised, here is a picture of my current project. I really wish I could show you my first real completed one, but it's for a person who reads this blog and it would be super obvious who it's for. :) Anyway, I'm starting to work on some ornaments to give as Christmas presents. Here's my first try at a wreath.

It's not completely done yet. But I am finished with the stitching part. I'm planning on putting them on some sort of, well, I'm not sure exactly how to explain it so you'll just have to wait and see. :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

What's the Point?

So I've discovered I really enjoy cross-stitching. For some reason the little designs filled with endless "x"'s just make me really happy. And it's pretty fun to do even though sometimes I have to cut out several rows I've just stitched because I mis-counted. Oops. However, my dilemma from the start has been what am I going to do with all these things I stitch? I'm pretty sure all my family and friends (myself included) do not want their houses filled with useless "samplers" and things that look like they belong in a log cabin. Please don't take offense if you do choose to decorate your house that way, it's just not my taste. Anyway, my point is I've decided to be a practical cross-stitcher. My goal will be to stitch useful things whether they are for me or to be gifts for others.

So far, the most practical things I've found are bookmarks and Christmas ornaments. I've also considered doing some stuff on some tea towels. I'll keep you in the loop as to what else I find.

Coming soon: pictures of projects in the works.

Monday, October 18, 2010

What's with the # and the @...

I've recently become "re-interested" in social networking. I've always used Facebook moderately and I've had an on-again-off-again relationship with Twitter. Part of my issue with Twitter is that I've always thought it was kind of silly. However, seeing as how all my friends and family (except Manny of course) live nowhere near here, I think using social networking can be a really effective way to keep everyone up to date on what's going on. I especially feel this way about Twitter. Although I've found 2 problems with Twitter thus far. 1. Not many people I know are on Twitter. 2. I don't really understand all the ins and out of Twitter.

I've recently discovered that a lot of people use what are called "hash tags" on Twitter. Which is a "#" before a word or phrase. It has been described to me as a way to categorize posts but I still don't quite get the point yet.

Another thing I haven't yet figured out...can people who aren't on Twitter follow you on Twitter? Like, my mother, for instance, I'm sure would want to follow my tweets but I'm not sure she'd be one to sign up for Twitter. Anyone have any insight?

One thing I really like about Twitter though is being able to attach a photo to my tweet without having to create a random album on Facebook. It's like giving a quick little visual insight into what's going on. Again, I think that can be really helpful to keeping up with friends and family.

Anyone have any other ideas on Twitter or social networking in general? I'd especially love to know if people who aren't on Twitter can follow!

And one last thing, I've linked my Twitter accountto my blog so you can check it out that way!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Louis' Sad Puppy Eyes

I like to call this picture "Mommy pleaaassseee don't take me to the vet." See those sad pitiful eyes? That's why he has a home. :) He looked at us with those sad little brown eyes and we just couldn't leave him. Anyway, as you can guess, we took the puppy to the vet today. It was pretty uneventful which I definitely think is a good thing.

In other news, house training is going great! And (for the most part) he chews on his toys rather than our stuff. Though he does seem to have a love for Manny's boot strings. I'm sincerely hoping that even through the later teething stages he continues to be more interested in his toys than my shoes. :)

Friday, October 8, 2010


So this is Louis (as in Armstrong). Our new puppy. We've had him for almost three weeks and he's noticeably bigger now than in this picture but I don't have any other pictures close at hand. He may just be the cutest puppy I've ever seen, not that I'm biased or anything. But he is super sweet and super loving, and I'm sad to say, is more attached to Manny than he is to me. Don't get me wrong, he adores both of us, but when Manny is at work, Louis will run around looking for him. It's actually really cute. Our biggest challenge with him so far is house training, which I feel is pretty common. I think he's doing pretty well considering he's only 3 months old. But anyway, the point is that he's the cutest little thing ever and we just adore him. :) More pictures soon!