Friday, January 14, 2011

2011 Goals and Reading List

Near the beginning of this month, I wrote up some goals. Besides the fact that I've been failing miserably at these goals thus far, I feel the need to try and make some goals for the whole of 2011. I'm not sure why the idea of goals appeals to me so much. Maybe it's because I love lists and checking things off them. Maybe it's because I feel like if I don't have something to work towards, I'm just treading water. So, if you'll look slightly above this post, you'll see a tab entitled 2011 goals, which will be my official list of things I hope to accomplish this year.

In addition, I've also published my "Reading List". It will be next to the goals tab so check it out. Soon I'll be posting my personal review of the book and hope to continue that with each book I read. Here's to reading and accomplishing things in 2011. :)

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