Thursday, January 13, 2011

Calamity Christine and the $10 super-fancy-driveway-heat-ice-melter-stuff

Sometimes, I create small disasters. If you're new, feel free to click here for a recap of some of my other calamities. Some are not really a big deal, but others involve me unintentionally driving over a snowy mountain, nearly setting my house on fire, and accidentally throwing away a digital camera. Oops. These have prompted a nickname that came very close to being the name of this blog, Calamity Christine.

So I've been trudging along lately, frankly waiting for disaster to strike what with all the snow we've had lately. The other day I went to Kroger to pick up a few things and Manny had asked me to pick up some salt for the sidewalk. We've been using it like it's going out of style.

So I get to Kroger and right on one of the front displays are two things...a 10 lb. bag of rock salt for $2 and a jug of super-fancy-driveway-heat-ice-melter-stuff for $10. I ponder this for a moment and try to think of what we've bought in the past. To be honest, I hadn't paid that much attention to it because I'm not the one usually shoveling and salting. Knowing that we had a jug looking thing at home, and declaring myself a cheapskate if I got the rock salt, I begrudgingly bought the $10 super-fancy-driveway-heat-ice-melter-stuff.

When I get home I decide to do my honey a favor and shovel and salt the sidewalk. We had a snow day at school anyway, so I was going to be home all day, might as well be productive. So there I am, shoveling away and lay down my super-fancy-driveway-heat-ice-melter-stuff. Not an hour later, I look out the window to see that the little bit I put down has been completely devoured by the snow that has been steadily falling. Damn you snow! So out I go again, determined to have the sidewalks nice and clear for when Manny returns from work. So out I go, shovel, shovel, shovel and the I really lay it down this time and use more than half of the super-fancy-driveway-heat-ice-melter-stuff. Shit, how do people afford this?!

Manny eventually comes home and I regale him with my tales of shoveling and salting and working my little self to the bone so he didn't fall on his ass on the way in. Yay, me. As I'm telling him my story, I start complaining about the ridiculously expensive super-fancy-driveway-heat-ice-melter-stuff and how it doesn't even work that great anyway. This is when Manny kindly explains that I should have bought the $2 rock salt. That's all we needed and the super-fancy-driveway-heat-ice-melter-stuff sucks and should never be purchased. Oops.

So later on, back to Kroger we went and bought 40 lbs. of rock salt for $2 less than I spent on that one effin jug earlier in the day. Damn you super-fancy-driveway-heat-ice-melter-stuff!!! You suck and I shall sneer at you every time I pass you walking into Kroger!

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  1. You make me giggle. I'm glad Calamity Christine has made a return. I like her even though she occasionally causes a disaster. :)