Wednesday, January 5, 2011

December Goal Review/January Goals

December goals = fail. You can find the original post here, but I'll list them in short form here anyway.

1. Play nicely with I have been doing better with this, but I am by no means proficient in use.
2. Send out Christmas cards. FAIL
3. Develop a workout plan for January. FAIL. I decided to join a gym, but that's about as far as I've gotten.
4. Unpack my last 3 boxes. minor fail. I'm down to one.

Ok, I guess they weren't as bad as I thought, but still. But now it's January, and it's time for new goals.

1. Mail Christmas Thank You cards. I've finished writing them. I just need to address them and send them out. I would like this to happen within the next week.

2. Join a gym.

3. Go to the gym 2x per week.

4. Keep my house organized.

5. Take more pictures and continue to play with our editing software.

I think that's enough goals for now. :) I'd like to come up with some goals for the whole of 2011 but in an effort to make them realistic I'm going to think about them for a while first.

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