Monday, January 17, 2011

Money Monday

Hello again! It's Monday and it's time to talk about money! For some reason, I feel really great about money right now. It is because our Wedding Fund is growing like a weed? Maybe. Is it because I'm also contributing to my personal savings? Maybe. Or could it be because I'm four days from payday and I'm still under budget in all budget categories?! Definitely maybe! I even shuffled some funds and managed to buy a plane ticket to go home in February to go wedding dress shopping! Anyway, here's the rundown...

Gasoline: 47% left
Grocery: 34% left
Other: 51% left
WF Contribution: 0% left (it's already in the wedding fund!)

If you've been here a while, you may notice way fewer categories that I previously had. I realized somewhere along the way that maybe I was making things way too complicated for myself considering I still didn't quite have the hang of this whole budgeting thing. Maybe later I can break down my budget further, but I'm going to wait and see how this works for the next couple of months. It seems to be working pretty well for now! :)

How are your budgets doing? Have you found your budgeting groove?


  1. That sounds great! I just finished contributing to my wedding fund and it feels so good to have that taken care of.

  2. i definitely have NOT gotten into the budgeting groove. can you help me? also, how much are you (i.e. you & manny, not the parentals or anybody) contributing to your WF? rob & i still have no idea how much our parentals are going to be able (or willing) to help us, so I'm trying to figure out how much to put aside before July. P.S. we've moved the date to the last weekend in July (our 5 year anniversary). and it is official. set in stone. :)