Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wedding, Wedding, Wedding

It's probably not a surprise that my wedding is the focus of my life right now. I look at constantly, read wedding magazines obsessively, and even have a special notebook in which to take wedding notes. Actually, that's pretty much all I do in the evenings. But one thing I really need to try and be cognisant of is the fact that everyone else's life does not revolve around my wedding. Yes, my fiance and I talk about the wedding almost constantly, but that's ok because it's our wedding. But one of my pre-wedding goals is to try and remember that other people have things going on in their lives that are just as important as my wedding.

What spurred this outburst? Well, the other day I emailed my best friend early in the morning about something really inconsequential considering my wedding is almost a year away(something about bridesmaid dresses or wedding colors). Why was this a problem? Um, I had forgotten that she was closing on her house that day and really didn't have time for my way too into the future bridal dilemma. Oops. Bad friend award.

Even before that, in a frenzy to call everyone before the Facebook outbursts began, I called another best friend and completely forgot it was her birthday in my rush to share my engagement news. :/

Hence my declaration to remember that other people have important things going on in their lives too. No one is sitting around just dying because I haven't picked a wedding color or bridesmaids dresses or invitations yet. Heck, several of my friends are busy planning their own weddings! And while I know my girlfriends can't wait to hear all about the wedding, it does not need to be the focus of every conversation.

Disclaimer: I make no such promises about the blog because if you don't want to read about the wedding you are free to close the browser window. ;)


  1. thank you so much for writing that. my feelings were so hurt. i'm super excited for you & i'm happy that we can plan our weddings together, but i borderline almost revoked your best friend card.

    i know i'm sketchy when it comes to answering the phone (although i will always answer any text, email, or facebook comment ASAP), but i feel like you've forgotten about me & it makes me sad. i haven't seen you in almost 3 years. i miss you! we have seriously got to make the effort to see each other soon. we owe our friendship (& each other) that. i love you.

    p.s. i really can't wait to start planning wedding stuff together (& with Elizabeth, of course!)

  2. I forgive you for not remembering about the closing. :) I'm not even entirely sure that I even told you the date.

    I appreciate (very much) you making it a goal to not let it overwhelm your life. Sometimes it's very hard for me to get excited about yet another wedding when I'm still so desperately single. But, on the other had, weddings are super fun and exciting. Bring on the details!