Friday, February 11, 2011

Burned Chicken and Crappy Rice for One Please

It's no secret that my culinary skills are less than stellar. In fact, they suck. I thought I was getting better, but I now realize it was just under Manny's watchful eye that I had not caused any disasters in the kitchen lately.

So tonight I came home all prepared to cook the first real food since Manny left. (The first night I had leftover seven-layer dip and last night I just  had canned soup.) I took out my little packet of RiceSides, took my chicken out of the refridgerator (yeah, I remembered to put it in there!) and went to work. I went to take the chicken out of the package and realized it wasn't quite defrosted all the way (our fridge is good like that :/ ). I was to help it along to defrost all the way but then got impatient and figured I'd just throw it on there and it would be fine. Um, not so much. After about 10 minutes, the outside was beautifully brown and crispy...and the inside was raw. FML. So I took it off the grill real quick, chopped it into about a million pieces, and threw it back on. I ended up getting it all cooked and it tasted pretty ok, it was just in a billion smushed pieces (smushed because after the first time, I got paranoid about it being raw and proceeded to squish every piece to see if it was done or not).

Sidenote: Talked to Manny later and was informed that you cook chicken over medium heat, not high. Oops.

In the midst of all this (mind you, I was also getting the shit popped out of my arm by the grease or whatever the crap I put on that grill) I kind of forgot about the rice for a minute and burned the bottom of it. Sign. That's ok, everything on top of the burned layer was fine. It didn't taste all that great, but it wasn't burned. It just didn't taste that great because it's prepackaged flavored rice. (Ok, the Broccoli Cheddar flavor is amazing, but all the others leave a lot to be desired.)

So, yes, tonight I had crappy dinner for one, but I'm determined not to eat like this for the rest of the time Manny is gone. I guess it really is time to learn to cook.


  1. lmao!! This is too funny! But only because i've "been there, done that". Luckily i'm MUCH better now, but i've had some doozies in the kitchen too! Live n' learn! ;)

  2. I thought I was getting better too! I guess it's just trial by fire now, here's hoping I don't actually set anything on fire.