Thursday, February 10, 2011

Couponing and Grocery Shopping

Before Christmas I was in a great grocery shopping groove. I or we went about once a week, always with a complete list, coupons, and rarely had to run back during the week for forgotten items. But then, as usual, life got in the way and I fell off the couponing/grocery planning wagon. We got engaged, went home for Christmas, had family emergencies, and then, wouldn't you know, it's practically mid-February and I have no idea how we got here.

My point is that I'm jumping back on the couponing and grocery planning wagon. I may even start menu planning. Especially while Manny is away, I think menu planning may be key to not spending a billion dollars per month on fast food. But for now baby steps, I've been on and Kroger's website several times and am determined to have a productive and frugal shopping experience this weekend. However, I did also just find out that there's an Aldi about 15-20 minutes from my house, and I'm wondering if it's worth the trip. We also have a Meijer nearby. I've always gone to the Kroger because it's right around the corner but I wonder if I would save enough money to warrant going elsewhere. Now would be a good time to experiment since I have tons of time to kill, but I just can't bring myself to spend the time and gas money to go elsewhere when there is a perfectly good Kroger right around the corner.

I'm pretty sure that if I keep up with the coupons and sales, going to my Kroger will be just fine. One thing I'm sure of is that I need to shop purposefully in order to be frugal. I need to know when there are sales and stock up when and where I can. This weekend will be my first re-try, so we'll see how it goes!


  1. I agree! Groceries and gas are going to break my bank this year if i'm not careful. i just got an SUV (ugh i know) w/ a 20 gal tank that while yes it will last over a week is still 20 gal's of gas to buy when i do buy it. I'm working on getting Publix cupons and using the weekly ads...all in all, i'm on the same train as you T.

  2. Omgosh! What happened to the 'Stang?

  3. I'm emailing you more detailed thoughts, but The Frugal Girl has good posts on Aldi. Read the comments on those posts; people are pretty honest about what they think about it.