Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Crappy Trip to Petsmart

Today Louis and I took a mother-son trip to Petsmart. He needed a new pad for his kennel and a new toy (or two). :) It was rainy and icy and disgusting when I got home from work but we really needed to go so I grabbed Louis and off we went! Immediately upon arriving Louis set to work sniffing everything in sight. Seriously, he is the sniffiest dog I've ever met. We had already gone to the back for his kennel pad and were making our way towards the toy aisle when the most obnoxious child I have ever seen is standing in the middle of the aisle, squeaking toys (yes, plural, he was double fisting the squeakies) at every dog that passes. He is also carrying on a yelling conversation with his mother across 4 aisles about where he is. Um, just follow the migraine-inducing squeaking lady. Anyway, I initially avoided this aisle because of above mentioned obnoxious child, but I really wanted to get a toy and get out of there so I went around to the opposite end from the child.

Note: Parents, if your child is being so obnoxious that people are avoiding entire aisles in stores because of him, do something about it please!

Anyhow, apparently the random child decided he wanted to pet the cute little spotted puppy. Perfectly understandable, Louis is adorable and everyone wants to pet him. ;) But most people understand that when you walk up to him and he hides behind my legs, you should approach him nicely, because he's a puppy, and he's scared. Noooo, little obnoxious boy wants to run up to the dog and squeak toys in his face. Louis is petrified and hides behind my legs and barks. Sigh. I try to gently tell the little brat that he is just scared and maybe he doesn't like the toy.

The child runs off and I think we're safe. None such luck. The kid comes running back over making (loud) dinosaur noises and shaking a giant purple octopus in my dog's face. Well, kid, thanks, you just scared the shit out of my dog. Literally. You scared the poop right out of my dog's butt. Please get the hell out of my way so I can clean up my dog's crap and go home. Sigh.

I completely understand that when you bring your dog to Petsmart he will be subjected to people wanting to pet him and talk to him. But parents, please do not let your children terrorize my dog. Maybe the next time we're in Macy's I'll just attack your child with a parka! :)


  1. i am not a fan of children. i much prefer my little brown fur-child.

    can't believe it literally scared the poop out of him. harley is a pee-er. he pees when he's scared. he pees when he's excited. he pees when he gets mad at me. lots of pee.

  2. louis is usually a peer too...which is why i was so surprised (and offended) that this little terror scared him to poop!

  3. Aww, poor puppy! I have also avoided entire aisles because of obnoxious children (and adults, frankly), so I know how you feel. :-/

  4. @Cate, I was so mad! I wanted to say, I have a leash on my dog, can you put one on your kid!?

    (PS, I do NOT believe in putting children on leashes, I'm just mad!) :)

  5. This was the parent's fault. The child just wanted to play with the puppy and apparently didn't understand boundaries or how to approach him (not at all disagreeing with your assessment of him). The parent should not have been four aisles away! If Louis had gotten scared and bitten the child, that parent would have been on you like white on rice.

  6. @MetairieMom so true! I tried explaining to the child that the puppy was scared and maybe if he just tried petting him rather than give him the toy...but the kid didn't want to hear it....sigh :)