Monday, February 28, 2011

February Goal Review

Starting this past December, I started recording monthly goals to try and help myself get things accomplished. At the end of each month I post a goal recap to make myself a little more accountable for the goals I set in the beginning of the month.

How is it March already!!! Even though I have no idea where February went, I did somewhat better on my goals than in January. (In January, I pretty much set goals and then promptly forgot about them. I'm pretty sure I did that in December too...). But, like I said, this month a few more were accomplished! And I only out and out failed on one!

February goal recap:

1. Develop CSCS study plan. Check!
2. Register for CSCS exam. Fail. :(
3. Find a wedding dress. Check!
4. Develop and begin 1/2 marathon training plan. kind of
5. Track fitness progress using weight and resting heart rate on each workout day. kind of 
6. Go to (at least) 1 exercise class per week at the YMCA. Check!

#2: There's apparently a lot of paperwork involved in registering to have my employer pay and/or being reimbursed for my exam. Honestly, I didn't feel like dealing with it this month. Maybe in March. :)

#4: I found a 1/2 marathon training program online, but I have failed to do anything but go to one exercise class per week at the Y. Which is better than nothing I suppose...

#5: I did manage to record my weight a few times, but completely spazzed on the resting heart rate part. And, lets face it, I only worked out one day per week so there wasn't a whole lot to record. :)

Did you set goals this month?! How did you do?

Check back tomorrow for my March goals!


  1. Thank you (via this post) for reminding me that I need to do my goals for the month!