Monday, February 7, 2011

Money Monday

Hi everyone! It's Monday again! It doesn't really feel like Monday though because we were off of school for four days last week! We still had practices and games Friday, but I'm still a little out of it. However, last Friday was payday (with bonus included!) so that's always good news! Anyway, here's my budget rundown...

keep in mind, I got paid 3 days ago...
Gasoline: 85% left
Grocery: 51.16% left
Other: 93.64% left
Wedding Fund Contribution: still needs to be done
Plane ticket: 12% under what I budgeted for!

Ok, so here's what I'm stressing about today...I got a bonus with this last paycheck. Super exciting, right?! But now I'm stressed about what to spend it on. I'm definitely going to get my hair done, but what about the rest? I don't want to just piss it away, I'd rather spend it on something I really want/need.

I'm trying to decide whether to just take some of it and go on a little "me" shopping spree, or to put it aside for when I decide what I really want to spend it on. Or is getting my hair done enough of a "me spree"?


  1. With bonuses, I always think of how often I get them (it's a rarely type of thing for me) and what item would make best use of money that I rarely get.

    The hair fix is great! But why not put the rest toward the wedding? Or better yet, put it aside in a rainy-day when you're dying to do something later (and dont have money), you'll whip out the cash and be like OMG I CAN DO IT CAUSE I HAVE CASH MONIES? :)