Monday, February 14, 2011

Money Monday

Ah yes, money time again. So my budget this paycheck went a little haywire. It's a long story, I was going to explain, but it's not all that interesting. :) Anyway, here's the budget rundown as of today. 

Gasoline: 3.4% left (and I brought my budget back down!)
Grocery: 9.5% (I'm hoping to decrease this budget by being a more conscious shopper!)
Other: 29.15% (except I have a hair appointment Monday, this one's going over)
Wedding Fund Contribution: done (kind of)

It's a good thing I get paid Friday

The "kind of" about the Wedding Fund contribution is that I've sent it electronically to our joint account, it just hasn't arrived there yet.

In other news, I've decided to engage in my own little spending fast. A few of the blogs I read are doing spending fasts for a multitude of reasons in different areas. My little problem area is fast food. In January I spent $60 on fast food! What a waste! And this month I've spent nearly $30 already! That's $90 I would much rather spend on something else. Seriously, I could get a massage for that amount. Way better than artery clogging burgers. Sigh. And let's face it, fast food isn't exactly kind to the waistline either. So I've decided I'm going to embark on a fast food spending fast. I'm am going to try my absolute freakin' hardest not to buy any fast food for the rest of the month. Cross your fingers!

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