Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Wedding Binder

 Technically I already have a wedding binder. I got this super awesome one from my parents for Christmas and it has tons of helpful information and advice.

However, I wanted a place to put all the cool stuff I've found in wedding magazines. The stack of magazines was getting a little insane so I thought I'd pull what I liked out of them (and hence feel better about buying even more magazines) and put it together in one spot. So I went to the store and bought a pink binder, pretty dividers, and pretty paper to paste the magazine cutouts on. I'm so excited!! So after this...

and this...

I finally managed to put together the final product. 

The best thing about this project is that it just keeps on going! There's always going to be more fun stuff to put in the binder!

Random tidbit: Sorry for the sub-par pictures lately, Manny took the good camera with him to training and I can't find the SD card or charger for my point and shoot. So all my pictures have been iPhone pics. They're awesome for phone pics, but definitely lack some luster compared to the ones from the good camera.


  1. Looks like this will be a nice keepsake in the end! :) Happy planning!

  2. The fact that you have a binder alone makes your wedding plans WAY better than mine...I am exactly 5 months away from my wedding and I have my dress, the wedding and grooms cake, the church, and my deposits for both the caterer and reception hall done...that's it...I don't even know what my bridesmaids are wearing!!! I know I need to get a move on...but sometimes i am so disorganized I don't even know where to start!