Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Why the CSCS Certification?

As you've seen in my February and 2011 Goals, I'm working towards obtaining my CSCS certification. For some reason, athletic trainers seem to love collecting letters behind our names. (Maybe it's not just us?) Maybe it's that we don't really know what to do with ourselves if we're not studying something. Right now, the farthest I can stretch it is BS, ATC/LAT...but I never write the BS part. Anyway, many athletic trainers are also EMTs, have a Master's degree, doctorate, and/or have any other various certifications. I, however, have not collected any additional certifications since obtaining my athletic training certification and license. Sad face. In light of this and partially because my employer is recommending it, I am working towards obtaining my CSCS, which stands for Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

Wait! Before those of you who don't know me confuse "Certified Athletic Trainer" with "Personal Trainer" please read this post or visit this website. Seriously, read it.

Ok, are we all on the same page? Anyway, even though athletic trainers are allied health care professionals, not fitness professionals, we still seem to have a lot of cross-over because we work primarily with highly physically active individuals. And we like to know what we're talking about. We're annoying like that, we want to know everything about everything. And if you ask, you may subject yourself to a lecture about any number of topics we just happen to posses knowledge about. I digress. My employer puts on this summer performance enhancement program and has decided that all the athletic trainers (most of whom already have their CSCS) are the perfect people to direct and teach this program. No problem, we love being know-it-alls on yet another subject. ;) My point is, this is primary reason I'm getting my CSCS. It also opens up job opportunities for a future military wife who will need to be able to find a job in a variety of locations/situations. And, of course, I need some more letters behind my name. ;)

In order to obtain this certification, all I have to do is take a test. The only prerequisites are that you hold a bachelor's degree and have a current CPR certification. Oh, and I should probably study. ;) There were several, very expensive study packages available online but there is also a free study guide. So what did I do? I bought the text book and downloaded the study guide. No way am I going to pay $400+ for one of these fancy study packages when I could just read the book myself. So the book is in the mail, and as soon as I get it I'm going to set to work studying away so I can get this certification before summer (hopefully). :)

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