Wednesday, March 9, 2011


BSOD - blue screen of death; can be used as a noun or a verb (I'll give you one guess who came up with the acronym ;) )

A few weeks ago, I was playing around on my phone (I know, something new and different) and all of the sudden, the screen flashed blue and then the little Apple symbol appeared. This sequence continued until I did a "hard reset" and shut the phone completely off and let it get hold of itself. After the first time, it was a few days before my phone did this again. Most recently, however, it has progressed to BSODing several times per day. This in and of itself is sufficiently annoying, but the phone also has to be left off for 10+ minutes or the minute you turn it back on, the BSOD ritual resumes.

So today, when my phone gave the me the BSOD yet again, I decided that this could not wait another day (I had originally planned to get it taken care of this weekend) and made an appointment at my friendly neighborhood Apple Store for after work.

I should probably take this time to tell you that my "friendly neighborhood Apple Store" is a hour and a half from where I work and an hour from my house. No, there is not a closer one. It was also pouring down rain all day today, and continued to do so on the one and one half hour drive to the freaking store after work.

Once I arrived at the Apple Store, however, matters improved greatly. I had a very nice Genius come help me who tried valiantly not to smirk when I told him that my phone was giving me the BSOD (although, I did actually say "blue screen of death"). After a few minutes of tinkering, my phone BSODed for him and he was quite perplexed. He said he had never seen a phone do this before and figured it was some sort of hardware problem. He said he could run some diagnostics on it but since I had already had a long enough day (what with the BSOD and 1.5 hour drive and all), they were just going to go ahead and replace my phone! Yay! The only downside is that I lost a couple pictures but we have most of the important ones replicated elsewhere. Truthfully, I stood in the store for about 20 minutes trying to email them to myself but my old phone continued to BSOD me so I gave up.

But the good news is that I now have a new, working phone, and the headache that threatened to become debilitating on the drive to the store subsided substantially once I had a working phone. :)

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