Tuesday, March 29, 2011

DIY Car Maintenance

This past weekend Manny and I did some work on my car. We changed brake pads, changed oil, changed the air filter, added washer fluid, and washed it. This cost us a total of $86.50. At first it seemed like a lot of money to spend in one weekend until I broke it down realized how frugal we were! (It helps to have a handy man around!)

What We Paid:
Brake Pads: $32
Oil/Oil Filter: $29
Air Filter: $14
Auto-Shop Use Fee: $7.50 (for 1.5 hours)
DIY Car Wash: $4
Total: $86.50

What it Would Have Cost to Have Someone Else Do It:
Brakes: at least $150
Oil/Oil Filter: $35
Air Filter: $20
Car Wash: $7
Total: $212

Ok, so obviously it helped to have Manny around and to have access to the base auto-hobby shop. But honestly, we could have done most of this at home it was just a lot easier at the hobby shop. And to be honest, I'm pretty sure I could change my own oil if I had to! Oh and also, I've heard that some places charge you as much as $400 to do your brakes because they end up doing much more than just changing your pads.

I actually really enjoyed being able to do this stuff ourselves! I felt so accomplished when we left and I'm pretty sure my car feels 20,000 miles younger! Yay for DIY!

Disclaimer: Obviously don't do any of this stuff if you don't know what you're doing. I was mainly just a spectator in all this. I am not responsible for anyone who tries to do maintenance on their car and hurts themselves or their car!

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