Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fast Food Spending Fail

I've talked several times about my desire to spend less on fast food. (Original post here) Somehow, though, things keep getting in the way of me accomplishing my goal. And maybe they're just excuses, but this fast food fast is a lot harder than I originally intended. When I first thought of doing this, I thought all it would take would be a little planning ahead and, voila!, no more fast food spending. Apparently I forgot that sometimes things just get in the way and people get tired.

Especially since Manny has come home from TDY, I have really fallen off the wagon. But, we've enjoyed going out to eat together some and frankly haven't really felt like cooking. However, we went to the grocery today and got all kinds of good stuff so lets hope for a better week next week!

I would still like to drastically reduce my fast food spending. But I also need to remember that cutting it out completely is obviously not something I'm capable of doing right now. But improvement is what I'm really going for! :)

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  1. i'm sure you already do this but... i go to the websites of fast food (& sit down) restaurants that i like and sign-up for e-mails and end up getting a lot of good coupons. Qdoba, for instance, is really awesome because they do like buy-one-burrito-get-one-half-off (or free, if you're lucky) on rainy days or snowy days. If you sign-up with Chili's you get a free chips & queso.