Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In the Dumps, In a Funk, In a Rut

It seems like every blog I've read this week (my own included) has had at least one post about how down in the dumps they are or what a slump they're in or how they're just kind of in a funk. Well snap out of it ladies (and gentlemen, if I have any gentleman readers)!

I don't know what our issue has been this week (and last if I remember correctly) but we need to climb out. My opinion on a huge contributing factor...we're all sick to death of winter! No matter where you live, your winter has been colder and harsher than usual. Here, there has been snow on the ground since December, and I am this tired of shoveling that crap off my car. This week, it has finally been warmer (and even sunny a couple days!) but it's not enough! I yearn to wear shorts and feel the sun on my arms!
And I know a lot of people have had other crap other than the winter blues going on, but the fact that it's cold and dreary outside doesn't help matters much. But for now, I leave you with some picture (sadly not my own) of what we have to look forward to in coming months! This is my attempt to cheer up all my bloggy friends! :)

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I hope this helps...and if not, I tried! ;)

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  1. It does!! The past few weeks have been incredibly warm and nice, and I was seriously thinking spring was here to stay.

    Um, no. It's going back down into the 30s for lows all week and I'm not happy. Boo on winter.