Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March Goal Review

Starting this past December, I started blogging my monthly goals to try and help myself get things accomplished. At the end of each month I post a goal recap to make myself a little more accountable for the goals I set in the beginning of the month.

Ahh! How is it March 31 and already time to recap goals! I'm not done yet! ;) I didn't do very well this month so bear with me!

1. Workout 3x per week
Week 1: 2x
Week 2: 3x
Week 3: 2x
Week 4: 1x

2. Read 2 books.
All I did was continue to read two books that I had started in February. I really need to get a move on if I'm going to read 25 books this year.

3. Complete 1 cross stitch project 
Total Completed: 2  
If you missed them you can find one here and the other one I haven't gotten around to posting about. Shame on me.

4. Register for CSCS exam
Um, yeah, I didn't do this. Again. But apparently I now have much longer to take it. And I haven't even studied for it yet. :/

5. Organize my closet 
I kind of did this a couple weeks ago but it keeps getting messed right back up again. Maybe that's a sign that I need to get rid of some clothes.

6. Buy new comforter/curtains/lamp shade for bedroom
I did finally get around to buying a new comforter (which is adorable and SO snuggly) but I haven't gotten around to the rest of the bedroom yet. Remember when Manny was away for training and I thought I had oh so much time on my hands? Oops.

7. Clean/organize bedroom
Again, it's gotten partially done, but I would not consider it complete by any standards.

8. Organize Manny's closet
Nope. Didn't happen.

9. Continue fast food spending fast!
Wow. I seem to be failing a lot this month. Shame on me.  This was one I honestly wanted to stick with, but my willpower was nil. However, while talking to my best friend about it the other day, she suggested rather than a fast, to just try to reduce spending or frequency. Oh, and if you want, you can read about my fast food spending fail. ;)

10. Analyze spending in my "other" category.
Ok, so I didn't do this either, but I did create a new budget spreadsheet to use that will help do this on an ongoing basis!

Ok, so I didn't exactly accomplish a lot of my goals this month. I have lots of reasons excuses as to why but no need to bore you with them here. ;) I do, however, want to share that I think I got a little overzealous on my goals this month. Not that it's bad to have a nice long To Do list, but I should have realized that I was never going to get it done on my own. I used to have a problem with creating goals that weren't really measurable, and these were measurable all right, but there were too many. One of my goals for April goal writing (wow, did I sound a little obsessive there? ;) ) is to write realistic goals. I'm not trying to let myself down easy, but I do need to be self-aware of what I'm going to have time to accomplish.

Check back tomorrow for April's Goals!

And, since I didn't have any other picture, I leave you a picture of my boys totally entranced in Battlestar Galactica. Can you see why I get nothing done?! ;)


  1. a) when did you change your background? I like it.

    b) you are obsessive, but that's okay. :)

    c) I LOVE that Louis is belly-up on the couch. So cute!

  2. sorry for the delayed response...
    a) i changed it thursday morning
    b) i know, i'm triyng to let up ;)
    c) yes, they were adorable