Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wedding Planning Update

Several of you have asked for a wedding planning update and I'm ashamed to say that there's not a lot to update because I haven't been doing much planning. Manny and I have been so busy dealing with him going away to training and then preparing for the deployment that we haven't really had time to think about wedding planning. But, he's leaving soon and there are some things we definitely want to get accomplished before he leaves!

Here's what we've done so far:
* reserved a ceremony venue (my family's church)
* reserved a reception venue
* booked a photographer
* bought my wedding dress (you'll have to wait a while for pictures though!)

Here's what we hope to do before he leaves:
* register (not sure where though, we're thinking Macy's)
* finalize the guest list
* send Save the Dates
* pick out wedding invitations

I think those are all the biggies. And to be honest, I'm a little overwhelmed that we need to do these things before he leaves. Because we have so much else to do too. *deep breath* But this is fun stuff, wedding planning stuff! :) I'm sure we'll get it done. And if not, that's what Skype is for, right?


  1. I would say you have accomplished a lot, especially when you think about the fact that your venue provides the food and the music. So that's two more things off your list.

    I would say register at Macy's and Bed, Bath, and Beyond so you can get a variety of stuff, big and small.

  2. you're doing much better than i am. so far, i have a groom and a wedding date (which just so happens to be 4 months and 7 days from now). As we all know... I am procrastination's you-know-what.