Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Flowers everywhere!

We planted a garden! I already mentioned this briefly, but now I'm back to give you some more in depth coverage! :) Truth be told, I've never been a garden person. When I was younger, the thought of going to Home Depot and picking out flowers, let alone coming home and having to plant and water them, was the stuff of torture. But now that I have a (tiny) garden all my own, I just can't wait to get home and check on my flowers. It's a little sad, but I do get that excited about it. I've also become slightly obsessed with taking pictures of my garden...

I promise I have more than just pink flowers in my garden. ;) I've also been taking lots of pictures of these really pretty trees around our apartment...

I honestly don't even know what kind of trees they are but I love them!! Spring in Ohio, while it is a little chilly still, really is beautiful. Everything is turning from brown to green!!

If we can get back to gardening for a minute, I do have a small problem...my Snapdragons are droopy. :( They seem to still be alive (some of them at least) but they will not stand up on their own. Any suggestions?

Check back tomorrow for my first Wordless Wednesday post in.....a really long time. ;)


  1. You are far better than I am T. I can't keep green things alive! It's a good thing Heidi is black and tan, i think it's all that keeps her safe from my anti-green thumb. Good luck w/ the garden! On a different note, one of my New Year's resolutions was to ge back to HS weight and some sort of shape. I bought this thing called fitbit (google it) to keep track of things for my bday and i am addicted!! Check it out sometime. Miss you!!!!

  2. Sarah: Ha, I have to give Manny most of the credit. And speaking of weiner dogs Louis got in serious trouble the first time he sniffed around my flowers! lol. I think I may join you in that resolution. My body keeps discreetly tucking away a couple more pounds each year...