Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oh! The insanity!

This past weekend Manny and I headed South for a wedding and some family time. We had a really good time (especially since it was so warm!) and I, for one, didn't really want to come back to breezy, cold Ohio. ;) As those of you who know me might expect, several calamitous things did, in fact, happen during our trip.

1. I spent the entire weekend searching for my foundation that I was sure I had used Friday night and had misplaced somewhere at my parents' house. After tearing apart the suitcase, bathroom, and bedroom we were staying in I was completely perplexed as to where it went. I resigned myself to just buy new foundation when we got home. Except that Monday night when we got home there was my foundation staring me in the face. Apparently I hadn't used it Friday night, it was at home the whole time. I'm just insane.

2. I got a hangover from only 5 beers. (Sorry, parents, this is probably TMI.) Back in the day (again, sorry for the TMI parents), 5 beers would have been nothing. But Sunday morning I thought my head was going to fall off and I almost threw up my Iced Lemon Poundcake from Starbucks. That would have been a tragedy.

3. I busted the clasp on my bridesmaid's dress dancing at the reception.

4. Our flight got delayed by almost an hour in Atlanta (somehow it still landed close to on time in Ohio, someone please explain that to me). The flight was delayed because of weather but I guess we decided to try and get up and out of it before it hit. I felt like a was on I roller coaster. Not cool.

5. Once we got to our friends' house (where my car and our dog was), my damn car wouldn't start. And then, while trying to get it to start, the car alarm went off front of their 1:30am. Sigh. Oh, and then, Louis peed on both car seats. Score.

It was actually a really fun trip, just with little bits of calamity thrown in to keep things interesting. :)

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  1. Oh the calamity! Thanks for making me laugh. :)