Monday, May 30, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Yeah, I skipped Menu Planning for a couple weeks. :/ Shame on me. It was a really hectic couple of weeks and I probably could have used a menu plan to keep from spending so much money...but that's neither here nor there. :) So, here I am, back with a Menu Plan. My goal this week with menu planning is to clean out my pantry.

Menu Plan Monday is hosted by I'm an Organizing Junkie. Click on over and check it out!

breakfast: oatmeal
lunch: grilled cheese, snack crackers
dinner: whole wheat pasta, grilled chicken

breakfast: SlimFast
lunch: turkey and cheese sandwich
dinner: brown rice with chicken and vegetables

breakfast: SlimFast
lunch: leftovers
dinner: grilled cheese

breakfast: oatmeal
lunch: SlimFast
dinner: turkey and cheese sandwich

breakfast: SlimFast
lunch: sandwich
dinner: whole wheat pasta, grilled chicken, vegetables

Ok, so it's not all that exciting, but I'm trying to undo all the damage I've done financially and calorie wise while Lizy was visiting. Ok ok, it's not that bad, but I'm am trying to eat better!


  1. We did eat terribly! I'm eating (drinking?) SlimFast's for breakfast this week to help me feel better about what all we ate this weekend.

    Of course, mine was even worse because I got bored in the airport and had Great Wraps. They have the BEST fries.

  2. How do you make those goal progress bars? I'd love to have one on the side of my blog for our savings funds!