Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Operation Organize: Phase I, Closet Under the Stairs

I confess. My house is cluttered. That's what happens when you stuff three fully grown adults into a two bedroom townhouse. Space is a hot commodity in our house and wasting any of it just leads to clutter and general disarray. And thus, Operation Organize was born! Rather than try and tackle the whole house at once, I'm taking it on one space at a time. Divide and conquer, right? :)

Phase I, Closet Under the Stairs
One of our biggest space wasters was the closet under the stairs. Where I saw a giant closet, full of storage potential, the boys saw and oddly shaped closet not good for much of anything. You see, since the closet is, in fact, under the stairs, the ceiling juts down at a sharp angle about halfway into the closet. The key to a closet like this, is not to waste any space. Before you see the "Before" shots, you should know that this closet sits right across from a bathroom. Both doors open into the "hall" so it's impossible to get a good shot of the closet without taking one of the doors off the hinges (which I was so not going to do). And if I simply shut the bathroom door, I can't back up far enough to get a shot of the entire closet. So, the shots lack a little luster, but I did what I could.


Not gonna lie y'all, I'm a little embarassed. So, I pulled everything out of the closet, spread it all over the living room, and then put it back (plus some extra stuff!). And now I give you, a completely full, but much more effectively used space!

That's much better, yes? The closet is packed to capacity now, and fits about twice the amount of stuff that was in it before. :)

I haven't decided what to tackle next, but these are definitely on my To Organize list:
1. kitchen pantry
2. kitchen cabinets
3. bedroom closets
4. linen closet

What have you organized lately? Have any good tips?


  1. My parents had a closet like this under their stairs. It was a nightmare to access. They had things shoved under there that we hadnt seen in years. ;) Yours looks much nicer! I wonder if installing some sort of built-in would be even better? (But then it might be wasted time/effort since the military tends to move around a lot!).

    Bravo. I'm excited to see the bedroom closets :D

  2. I a) really like that you are organizing; perhaps we can tackle something when I see you in TWO WEEKS?!?, b) really like that you used "y'all", and c) really really like that you used "lacks luster" because we know how appropriate that phrase is in SO many situations.

  3. @therese thanks! :) thought about putting shelving but everything actually stacks quite nicely. lol.

    @elizabeth I do what I can ;) maybe you can help me reorganize the bedroom closets? hehehe. i feel there will be some buying of bins at target when that takes place. :)

  4. two thumbs up for "lacks luster"
    -amber (not signed in)

  5. I think you can organize your stuff in a better way if you'd use a portable closet. Portable closets are very spacious, very convenient to use and very affordable, too. Just in case you'll move out, you can also bring this closet with you. All the best to you! :)